Most abrasion resistant steel wear plate looks the same. Evaluating prices on wear resistant steel is not as easy as comparing food products in a grocery store.

I often compare steel wear plate to food, so everyone can easily understand and relate to these complex topics.

To make this easier to understand, I recently compared two different size boxes of the same breakfast cereal.


When you are grocery shopping, a quick glance at a larger size box and you immediately expect the initial purchase price will be higher. And you would be correct.

I paid $3.69 for 12.25 ounces of cereal in the standard size box, and $5.39 for the 21.6 ounce Family Size box.


Today most grocery stores have the price...

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Creating wear resistant steel that achieves high test hardness values is easy. Super simple in fact.

All you have to do is to add more Carbon and the steel registers harder test readings.

But does higher hardness steel automatically deliver longer life in your applications? Not necessarily.

Looking at any manufacturer’s published data shows you the claimed hardness of their wear plate.

Here Is A Big Question To Look For In Their Data When Evaluating Wear Resistant Steel: How Frequently Do They Test The Steel Hardness?


The name QT Plus ® refers to the Quench and Temper process that delivers outstanding hardness and wear life.

JADCO insists on precise quality control for QT Plus ® at...

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Most of our long term customers have documented many of their abrasion resistant steel breakthroughs as a result of working with our dedicated team of JADCO sales representatives.

AR400 vs AR500? Many people wonder which delivers longer life. Installing the same wear resistant steel you have always used will continue to deliver the same old results currently making you frustrated.

Do you really want to continue down that same irritating path of unplanned wear plate failures?

Innovations and breakthroughs seldom come from within your company.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Your long term staff usually operates with ‘this is what we have used for decades.’
Younger staff will t...

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As we reflect back on 2019, we recognize how blessed and humbled we are for a multitude of reasons:


The Friday before Christmas is our employees annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition. Here are our 2019 entrants.

We are fortunate to have been in business for 40 years. It is a privilege to work for a privately held company with this many long tenured employees.
You cannot achieve this milestone without delivering exceptional products to loyal customers; who recognize the value they receive. Many of our customers have worked with us for several generations.

We are thankful for our new customers in this past year, and take their trust very seriously.
Continually reviewing our products and me...
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When you review your wear resistant steel applications, it is understandable some wear plate steel issues are more important to your process than others.


A Perfect Example Of A Wear Plate Performance Breakthrough At A Midwest Papermill. They Ceased Using AR400 Which Failed Every 4 Years. By Using Thru-Hardened Steel, This Log Deck Ran 10 Years Before It Needed Replacing.

They Documented Over $1 Million In Actual Savings With This Simple Change. What Is Your Biggest Wear Challenge? See How JADCO's QT Plus ® Through Hardened Steel Can Create Your Own Breakthrough.

When you begin your day with 10 things on your To-Do-List, it will be more important to get the top 2 items completed, than the...

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Quality wear plate contains several alloying elements in the steel, such as Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Boron and a variety of others.


Notice the dark area to the left of the flame on the bucket side plate. The torch is driving the moisture out of the steel. If preheat is not used, this moisture evaporates during welding, and causes Hydrogen to go to the bottom of the weld deposit. This is the cause of under bead cracking.

The more alloys and greater the alloy content, the more important to take care when welding wear resistant steel.

One of the last things you do before you are ready to weld is preheating the steel.

Preheating involves heating the base metal, in its entirety or in the area su...

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It is amazing what people accept as ‘Standard Performance’ from their wear resistant steel in their production equipment. They become very good at changing failed wear plates after yet another breakdown.

First time customers are often amazed at the additional life JADCO QT Plus ® through hardened steel delivers compared to what they have accepted for many years. Many times I’ve heard them they say, “We always just assumed this was how often we had to replace the wear plates.”

A Real World Example
When talking to a large aggregate producer, he said they did not have many wear plate problems. This came as a surprise to me, since two other competitors within 5 mi...

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We have plenty to be thankful for here in the United States. The economy has risen to incredible heights and more people are working now than ever before.

We live in a wonderful country with abundant opportunities. Here you have the freedom to purchase what you want; not what someone else says you must buy.

What exactly are we at JADCO thankful for?
• To our customers. Thank you for recognizing the value in JADCO’s products. You allow us to do what we do every day. This is all possible because our customers have carefully evaluated wear resistant steel products and depend on the value JADCO delivers for your efforts every day.

• Where every employee is treated like family. We mu...

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Have You Received Wear Plate That Did Not Fit?

We have all heard a carpenter’s golden rule is “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” Once you cut wear plate or wood, you are committed. If you cut it too short you get to buy more material.

How to Get What You Need

In any heavy industry, over time equipment gets jostled or bumped into with mobile equipment. When you have a CAT 972M loader bump into your processing equipment, something must give. At 54,871 pounds empty; the loader will not often lose a match up.

Unfortunately if this loader is dumping rocks into a crusher 14 hours a day, 5 days a week; these bumps will happen with some frequency.

The reality is your equipment may become knocke...

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Recently I received a phone call from a long time customer. He is one of several brothers running a 3rd generation family owned aggregate (rock crushing) business.

The brother who called is a bright, dedicated person who asks the right questions to make certain he buys the best products and materials for their equipment. He rarely buys anything some pushy salesman is trying to sell him.

Yesterday he discovered his brother bought some AR200 steel for a chute application. He promptly called me because he had never heard of this material before.

He started out our conversation saying, “I have a five cent question, looking for a million dollar answer”. At JADCO Mfg, we have earned the ...

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