It is amazing what people accept as ‘Standard Performance’ from their wear resistant steel in their production equipment. They become very good at changing failed wear plates after yet another breakdown.

First time customers are often amazed at the additional life JADCO QT Plus ® through hardened steel delivers compared to what they have accepted for many years. Many times I’ve heard them they say, “We always just assumed this was how often we had to replace the wear plates.”

A Real World Example
When talking to a large aggregate producer, he said they did not have many wear plate problems. This came as a surprise to me, since two other competitors within 5 mi...

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We have plenty to be thankful for here in the United States. The economy has risen to incredible heights and more people are working now than ever before.

We live in a wonderful country with abundant opportunities. Here you have the freedom to purchase what you want; not what someone else says you must buy.

What exactly are we at JADCO thankful for?
• To our customers. Thank you for recognizing the value in JADCO’s products. You allow us to do what we do every day. This is all possible because our customers have carefully evaluated wear resistant steel products and depend on the value JADCO delivers for your efforts every day.

• Where every employee is treated like family. We mu...

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Have You Received Wear Plate That Did Not Fit?

We have all heard a carpenter’s golden rule is “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” Once you cut wear plate or wood, you are committed. If you cut it too short you get to buy more material.

How to Get What You Need

In any heavy industry, over time equipment gets jostled or bumped into with mobile equipment. When you have a CAT 972M loader bump into your processing equipment, something must give. At 54,871 pounds empty; the loader will not often lose a match up.

Unfortunately if this loader is dumping rocks into a crusher 14 hours a day, 5 days a week; these bumps will happen with some frequency.

The reality is your equipment may become knocke...

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Recently I received a phone call from a long time customer. He is one of several brothers running a 3rd generation family owned aggregate (rock crushing) business.

The brother who called is a bright, dedicated person who asks the right questions to make certain he buys the best products and materials for their equipment. He rarely buys anything some pushy salesman is trying to sell him.

Yesterday he discovered his brother bought some AR200 steel for a chute application. He promptly called me because he had never heard of this material before.

He started out our conversation saying, “I have a five cent question, looking for a million dollar answer”. At JADCO Mfg, we have earned the ...

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Often our customer’s questions make us pause and realize many people may have the same question. This is a perfect reason to receive our weekly Blog Posts, ‘Wear Plate Wednesday’.

Here is one that became today’s blog post. It was from Jody @ Earth: Can you even drill JADCO QT PLUS ® when the hardness is 500 BHN?

The quick answer is yes you certainly can drill and tap QT PLUS ®.

Which procedure you need to use depends if you are making repairs in the field, or you have access to a machining center.

We will cover both methods, but first a few important points of caution, to prevent you from unknowingly creating problems for yourself.


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Everyone is searching for ‘More, Better, Faster’ production. Yet upgrading your production wear plate is usually an after-thought.


This disc screen handles the bark in a Wisconsin paper mill that has increased production from 2,500 tons per hour to 3,300 tons per hour. The increased wear on their wood process disc screen shows how abrasive bark and wood are to wear resistant steel.

The photo above shows the effects on the same equipment from the bark running over it.


Here you can see the after effects of bark wearing on the disc screen components.

Let’s look closely at what we see in this wear application:

  • The shredded bark falling 18” has virtually no impact wear. It is a...

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Part of the problem with industrial accounts today, is you have greater production targets with fewer people; in less time and shrinking budgets.

This dictates you can no longer do business as usual. That simply doesn’t add up to success in today’s business environment.

If you have a consumable component such as wear plate to make your products, common sense tells you that you must get longer life from your investment.

It doesn’t matter if it currently lasts one week, two months, or four years. When your budget keeps shrinking, you need to increase component life for your investment.

The way you overcome your obstacle is by partnering with someone who understands your issues, k...

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It Is Almost Deer Hunting Season

Soon the November deer hunting season will arrive for another year. Many of our customers take vacation for the entire season; and a few even longer. The media claims there are enough armed hunters between the OH and PA woods during this season to make up the 4th largest army on earth! PLEASE HUNT SAFELY.

Hunters are Choosy with Their Equipment

Hunters often spend months researching new hunting equipment before selecting the one single item perfect for their individual needs. Upgrading to a new rifle, shotgun, scope, clothing, etc. is carefully planned to get the most from their investment. This research makes perfect sense as they will use this item for many ye...

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Addressing any industrial wear application, operates within a team setting. Everyone has been involved in any number of team settings from work, family life to non-profit groups.

Industry today revolves around more meetings than ever. The effectiveness of every meeting depends on the leader and the guidance, interaction and support of everyone participating.

I have been reading the book ‘Smarter, Faster, Better; The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business’, by Charles Duhigg. It is an exploration into the science of productivity. The goal for everyone is to become Smarter, Faster and Better at everything we do.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is involved in work...

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As an industrial maintenance professional, when equipment fails; you are the person everyone relies on to get things running again. And you can expect to hear, “This will not take long to fix, right?”

When equipment breaks down and you are able to get things working again quickly, you are a hero.

When it doesn’t work, you are the one who catches hell. If there is anyone standing around, it will be the supervisor asking, “When will you get the line running again?” And the stress continues to build…

The more desperate the situation, the more hopeful management becomes.

Frequently this leads directly to the deadly Patch and Pray method of maintenance. You patch ...

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