A major North American mine had been using two different competitor’s Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plates for the side liners of their shovel dipper.


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JADCO FLEXWEAR™ is created by suspending fine tungsten carbide particles in a powdered nickel matrix.


‘W’ is the atomic symbol for Tungsten, the hardest natural material after diamonds. Wc stands for Tungsten Carbide.

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If this Covid-19 pandemic over the past few months has done anything, it has reinforced how easy it is for the majority to react with panic.

Everything around us is operating in an altered state. This is what happens when there is no playbook telling us what to do in this circumstance.

Blazing new trails into a bewildering maze of limited options is brand new territory. Some of you may consider covering your head and taking no action at all.

But playing possum does not accomplish anything.

Our deadlines are still hurtling at us regardless if we are frozen in fear like a deer in the headlights. We must prepare to deal with the unexpected potholes down this road we call life.

Now the BIG QUESTION ...

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When installing JADCO QT Plus ® through hardened wear resistant steel, it is most often welded into position.

QT Plus ® is the industry leader for long life with predictable wear.

It is critical when welding to match the chemistry of the welding alloy to your base metal.

Wear resistant steel contains varying amounts of Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Boron and other alloying elements. This requires an alloy wire for maximum strength and ductility.

There are plenty of welding wire/stick options for installing wear resistant steel available on the market.

While JADCO is known for our Chromeweld overlay plates and hardfacing products; we have invested the time to evaluate a number of diffe...

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Are your wear plate application selections determined by what is reasonable, or what is POSSIBLE?


QT Plus ® delivers 3 to 5 times LONGER LIFE than most commodity AR400 or AR500 steel.

At JADCO we recognize most people only think about their wear resistant steel when it fails.

Most people live each day by accepting what is reasonable. This mindset keeps them where they are:
• They accept reasonable life from AR400. If they recently discovered AR400 it may seem like an improvement from what they had used.
• Perhaps they are satisfied with reasonable success. Or what someone else told you about you must accept as “This is what we have always done before. And these are the resu...

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I recently had a birthday and received a small handmade card from my 93 year old Mother. She recalled the saying from a card she received previously; and the saying resonates well today.

What ever you do,
Do with all your might.
For things only half done,
Are seldom done right.

This message brought to mind the difference between Efficient and Effective for today's 'Wear Plate Wednesday' blog post.

Here are the definitions from

Efficient (adj.) – Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort.
Effective (adj.) – Adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result.

The real difference between effective an...

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Greetings everyone.

All of us at JADCO hopes you, your family and friends are surviving during this challenging time dealing with the Covid-19 virus.

I grew up in Green Bay WI; an area nationally known for the tissue paper mills. As such I cannot understand why so many people had a sudden urge to hoard bathroom tissue. The local paper mills are making as much as possible to help the situation.


The above photo shows 2 new rolls of bathroom tissue.

• You can easily guess which roll will last the longest.
• You can also tell which one has a lower package price.

There is a dramatic difference in the quality and performance of toilet paper. Everyone has experienced disappointment when using ...

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UPDATE: JADCO Is Open And Working For You During This Quarantine Challenge.

How Can We Help Improve Your Wear Resistant Steel Challenges?

Everyone wants maximum performance from their production equipment regardless of your industry.


When you see this type of wear in your ‘wear steel’; it is an instant give away. The steel was not hardened through the thickness of the steel.

Everyone can see the ‘smeared’ wear area showing the steel was not the same hardness through the thickness of the steel.

But do you recognize the bigger problem lurking in plain sight with this part?

Often when someone attempts to Reverse Engineer components, they may not recognize the tiny details th...

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JADCO HardGuard blocks are easy to install, and provide instant wear protection in a wide range of exposed wear locations.

There is no more effective quick fix available.

Chocky blocks are a common term for these high Chrome cast white iron wear blocks. Cost effective and available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to protect vulnerable areas, when moving material.

With a minimum of 63 HRC, this alloy delivers maximum abrasion protection. The mild steel backing plate bonded onto the high Chrome wear material allows you to easily weld them onto your equipment without the need for specialized welding alloys.

Click Here to see our video How To Weld HardGuard

Click Here to see our video How To ...

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JADCO Mfg makes replacement bucket bottoms every day. Loader buckets and excavator buckets; we do them all. We measure your bucket so the replacement fits regardless of the abuse it has suffered.

To assure your new bottom fits like it is supposed to; here is a simple method to help take the stress out of installing your new JADCO replacement bucket bottom.


Now you are ready to install the new QT Plus ® bottom; but where do you start?

Some time may pass before you get to replace the bottom of the bucket. Your bucket was likely still in use or stored outside after measuring for the new steel. The marks from measuring have either worn away in use or the rain has erased them.

JADCO QT Plus ®...

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