Thankfully manufacturing is spooling back up after the pandemic lock down. Now everyone who delayed making needed repairs on their equipment over the last 15 months wants to play catch up.

Working with JADCO up front assures you will receive the correct replacement parts, so they arrive on time and within your budget.


A few months ago I received a phone call from a young engineer. His first question was: How soon can we get a specific component rebuilt?

A true vendor partner will immediately begin asking additional questions, instead of trying to figure out if there is room to cram this into the production schedule.

A far better approach is to start asking questions about the installation and s...

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The entire JADCO team prides itself on working with our customers to improve their results. The bottom line is we also make their lives easier. Here is an example doing one step correctly makes all the difference in the world for our customers. They don’t have to worry if the part will fit properly when it is from JADCO.


By creating countersunk plow bolt holes with our 5 axis computer controlled plasma table, guarantees the holes are in the right location and will fit correctly.

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Every manufacturing company in the USA is trying to find workers as the Baby Boomers are retiring from the workforce daily. It is a challenge for every firm and skilled trades in particular. While high tech can assist in getting information to the masses, they are not at the point of downloading the 30+ years of knowledge a skilled craftsperson has accumulated in their working life.

Training is not only important, it is also expensive. Companies are always looking for experienced workers who can be immediately productive.

This is why JADCO Manufacturing Inc., partnered with the Pittsburgh Technical College over five years ago.

To graduate from their Associate in Science, Welding Technologies pr...

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Do you really know what you are buying?

The name AR400 steel indicates to most people the steel they are buying is 400 BHN (Brinell) hardness. Because there are no industry guidelines or standards for wear plate, it can be any hardness at all. We have seen foreign made steel wear plate sold as AR400; test at 302 BHN hardness! Did the customer get what they paid for? No way.

Are you getting maximum life from your wear plate investment? Or have you accepted that all wear resistant steels are the same?

Besides questionable hardness, you have likely experienced these additional issues using commodity AR400:

1. Like an Oreo cookie, most AR steel is softer in the center: It is very easy and inexpensiv...

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Since June is National Safety Month, and most wear plate is welded into position; this is the third post of a three part blog series covering welding safety.




Many weldors are unaware they have poor safety habits, because they were never taught the proper way to do their job safely. Everyone becomes complacent with their equipment when they use it day after day for years. After some time, they can take the equipment’s condition for granted.

Here are several essential safety tips when welding wear resistant steel, particularly when your pe...

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Since most wear plate is welded into place, this second in a three part series will cover torch safety, since many repairs will require use of a cutting torch.

Part 1 – Eye Safety and PPE

Part 2 – Oxygen – Acetylene Torch Safety

PART 3 - Welding Machine Safety & Metal Removal Safety


There are enough topics on torch safety to talk for over an hour.

At the end of the article will be a checklist covering many items concerning torch safety.

This post will cover three items many people may not know, plus a checklist at the end of the article:

1. Safe Storage & Handling of Compressed Gas Cylinders.

Both OSHA and MSHA mandate that fuel ...

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Since June is National Safety Month, and most wear plate is welded into position, this is the first part of a three part blog series covering welding safety.

Having worked as a vendor resource for mining and heavy industry for over 40 years, we have noticed many of the best weldors had little formal training. [For clarification – Welders are the machines. Weldors are the people using welding machines.]

Many weldors are unaware they have poor safety habits, because they were never taught the proper way to do their job safely.

Here are several essential safety tips when welding wear resistant steel, particularly when your people are welding in the field.

Part 1 – EYE SAFETY, PPE and H...

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If your equipment mixes, crushes, grinds or sizes material and this process destroys your wear parts in 8 weeks or less, this message is definitely for you.

After three years of real world application results, JADCO Flexwear ™ can deliver longer life for your rotating crusher parts. And dynamically balance the rotating assembly for trouble free operation.


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One of the largest trenching contractors in the USA grinds though solid rock for cable and utility companies. They submit their equipment to more abuse in a day than most people see in a year.


This trenching machine looks like a possessed alien chain saw from a Transformers movie. As the carbide teeth claw their way through solid rock up to 45’ deep, the edges of the 1.5” to 2.0” thick steel plates endure constant grinding on the rock side walls. This causes the operators to spend countless hours every week hardfacing the plate edges. This extreme wear forces them to continue this process week after week.

What Worked The Best?

Each week they would hardface weld the edges of ...

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JADCO is the preferred supplier for many Original Equipment Manufacturers looking to increase their wear plate equipment life for their customers. Non-Disclosure Agreements are standard procedure with our OEM customers.


What components are your customers looking to last longer? When your customers demand longer life, if you don’t give them an option; they will look elsewhere. Working with JADCO to provide longer wear plate life keeps your customers happy and loyal.

During a trade show recently, we spoke with one of our OEM customers. The general manager approached our display and told us JADCO Chromeweld 600 chrome carbide overlay plate made a huge improvement in the performance of th...

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