Wear resistant steel is a necessary evil for most companies.

Part of the reason is you have to deal with it intermittently. These applications are challenging enough to be a pain in the butt at the time; but not so demanding to deal with it on a weekly basis.

This leads most people to repeat what you have done previously; or order the OEM replacement pieces. If you try something else, you usually end up with similar unremarkable results.

Here is an excellent example where JADCO developed a unique product to control our customer’s wear issue. Several loyal customers said they wanted even longer life than a standard product could provide.


Feeder floors in aggregate and mining crushing pla...

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It is easy to tell a Wear Plate Specialist from an order taker who sells wear plate:

• The Wear Plate Specialist works with you and asks plenty of questions to understand exactly:
o How it is used, and how long does it currently last in your application?
o What have you tried in the past and how did that work?
o What installation criteria must be considered?
o How can we make it easy for future repairs or replacement?
o Compare different material options for the longest wear life for your investment
o Verify what the finished product will look like and how it will perform, before you write a purchase order
o With the above items confirmed, you now have confidence what will be delivered is exac...

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This week on Wear Plate Wednesday, we unveiled JADCO’s Quick Ship Program for Incline Wear Plates.

This week we continue our Asphalt Industry focus, covering the mobile equipment applications.


JADCO’s Chromeweld CCO products have been selected by many OEMs for their original equipment wear plates.

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JADCO introduces Asphalt Plant Incline Floor Quick Ship Packages Now In Stock For Rebuilding Season.


Chromeweld 600 incline floor liners are ready to extend your equipment wear life.

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You arrived at this website/blog post searching for better results in your equipment wear applications.

It doesn’t take any imagination to be a critic.

There are plenty of skeptics questioning; “Why did you buy this equipment? I told you it wouldn’t work! Or why did you do it that way? And it seems like the comments will never end….

Being realistic, the ugly truth is solving wear problems is a bitch.


Anyone who claims their wear plate lasts “As Long As JADCO QT Plus ®” is hoping you will believe what they are saying. This excavator bucket was new and used only 9 months in frack sand. You c...

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High performing individuals in any company or business setting are always eager to learn new methods or discover better products to give them an Unfair Advantage over their competitors.

They seek out people who have already overcome a similar challenge they currently want to solve.

Rather than start from scratch, they search for people who are able to provide you with a shortcut, or a recipe for documented success.


This customer was looking to extend their production time before having to change their feed chute target plates. They replaced a competitors Chrome Carbide Overlay with JADCO Chromeweld Nb PLUS to gain 33% longer life thus far, and still performing. What issue do you have where w...

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No one wants to admit they have wear problems.

Yet nearly everyone struggles with challenges every day.

There is no more powerful way to learn, than actually getting in there and digging deep to discover the true cause of the problem.

Only then can we provide a solution that delivers actual results on a challenge you have struggled with for some time.

By working together with JADCO salespeople, you get the advantage of putting new eyes on your biggest headache. This new vision is filtered through 40 years of experience, combating our customers wear challenges daily.


Celebrating our 40th Anniversary August 8, 2020 with a socially distanced, yet symbolic 40 at our Harmony PA shop.

You will acquire...

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Labor Day constitutes a yearly national tribute to the all of our workers who have created the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.


This statue was at the entrance to the 2020 ConExpo / ConAgg in Las Vegas, March 2020. It is a fitting tribute to honor all the hard working men and women on Labor Day as well.

The First Labor Day

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City, in accordance with the plans of the Central Labor Union. The Central Labor Union held its second Labor Day holiday just a year later, on September 5, 1883.

To see more on the origins of Labor Day Click Here.

If you have a long weekend, be certain to thank those wo...

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Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plate was introduced more than three decades ago, yet many people still do not understand where to use it correctly.

Nearly all wear is a combination of sliding abrasion and impact.

Using standard CCO may be great for high stress abrasion, but in an impact application you are asking for trouble.


Some of the CCO remaining from a chute that failed due to excessive impact. When your investment sits in a metal recycling dumpster you lost money. This is the result when impact destroys regular Chrome Carbide Overlay plate designed strictly for abrasion.

Most often this occurs when the vendor has only one type of CCO plate, and they push it for every application regardle...

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There are 3 specific items essential for creating a wear resistant steel the same hardness all the way through the thickness of the steel.

Eliminate any one and your performance suffers greatly.

These items are:
1. Chemistry – having the correct percentages of the proper alloying elements. Without the right elements, your product suffers poor performance.
2. Heat Treat Process – most wear resistant steels have been heat treated to increase hardness and ductility. If the description doesn’t mention heat treated, it will only be surface hardened.
3. Removing Sulfur and Phosphorus – down to .001%. If you do not, your steel will be very crack sensitive.

Nickel is a critical el...

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