Steel prices have dramatically increased over the last six months and continue to escalate.

JADCO has been able to minimize these increases to our customers by proper forecasting our raw material needs and supply chain management.

One of JADCO’s core beliefs is: ‘An educated consumer is our best customer’.

When you understand the differences in steel wear plate, and why one lasts longer than another; it becomes an easy choice for you to invest in the product that delivers longest life in your toughest wear applications.

The following statement is from an article in the January 9, 2021 issue of Industry Week. It provides an idea of what the wear plate industry can expect in th...

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Thank you all for the positive feedback on our wear resistant steel blog posts in 2020.

We are pleased you have found them beneficial. Your questions and comments regarding abrasion resistant steel wear plate and wear steel applications show we have a dedicated and loyal online following.

We reviewed our 2020 posts and the following 10 were the most watched. If you are searching for longer life in your wear resistant steel applications, JADCO will provide you with the correct products for your application.

Perhaps due to the timing of the Con/Agg – ConExpo held March 2020 in Las Vegas just before the pandemic hit the US hard; but many of these posts cover the equipment used in the asphal...

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The reality is, periodically everyone will have something hiccup in their system despite everyone’s best efforts. It is how a company deals with adversity that determines how they react which makes all the difference. Your personal results for a successful resolution, determine your bottom line success.

All of the articles, photos and videos you see in every online blog post, or LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook for steel wear plate; the vendor is showing their best results.

If you don’t have any knowledge or experience with the company the first time you look at a company; your first thought is, “What happens when things go wrong?”

After working with JADCO for several ye...

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This time of year many people start making their New Year’s Resolutions.

I have heard a few people planning to work harder this coming year.

When asked why, they responded; “2020 was a bust for nearly everyone, and I have to do better”.

Working harder usually isn't the entire solution to your most frustrating steel wear related problems.

You need to work smarter, too.

Some of the hardest working people I've ever known, just continue digging themselves into deeper holes and worse situations.

And they respond by redoubling their efforts and putting in even more hard work. No wonder anxiety and depression are rampant in the USA.

The positive "sweat equity" outcomes in life and busi...

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May your Christmas days be snowy and bright; and may all your Christmas' be white.

We are appreciative for each of our customers, employees and business partners.

Thank you for the opportunity you give us, to assist in making your business successful.

Sending the warmest holiday wishes to you and yours.

May your New Year be filled with possibility, prosperity and promise.

Merry Christmas from your friends at JADCO Mfg., Inc.

We had a special Saturday edition of the JADCO Wear Plate Wednesday blog post last week, announcing we were featured in an article for the December 2020 issue of Welding Productivity magazine.


The December 2020 issue of Welding Productivity magazine features an article on JADCO starting on page 20.

The article focused on how JADCO implemented cross training on the software for our twin torch high powered plasma table.

While we are proud to be featured as an industry leader, we wanted to let you know how this all translates into even more positive results for you, our customers.

How You Benefit With Our High Powered Plasma

 Our 400 Amp plasma burning center means your parts are cut faster, lea...

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Welcome to a Special Saturday Issue of JADCO’s popular ‘Wear Plate Wednesday’ blog posts.

The December 2020 issue of Welding Productivity Magazine proudly features training improvements JADCO implemented to further advance our production team’s results. For the past 40 years our unrelenting goal is to deliver better results for our customers.

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Feeding logs through a woodyard debarking system Infeed Chutes, encounters tremendous wear from both high stress grinding abrasion and constant heavy impact.


Notice The Patch Plate Located At 7 O’clock On The Discharge Area Of This Infeed Chute Into The Debarking Drum. This Area Receives Continuous Heavy Impact Wear. Vibration Stresses May Cause Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate To Fail Causing The Carbides To Break Out In Chunks.

Everyone in the wood industry from paper mill or saw mill woodyards, knows when your debarking line breaks down causing an unplanned failure; the entire system screeches to an abrupt halt.

In The Paper Industry, Downtime = Big Money Lost, You Can Never Recover.


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Reliability Engineers and Maintenance Planners have recognized JADCO Mfg., Inc. as their preferred wear resistant steel partner to combat your ongoing wear challenges.


You have the ability to design your screens with any opening shape and size. JADCO QT Plus ® is the same hardness throughout the steel, giving you 3 to 4 times longer life than commodity AR400 or similar OEM steel. Click Here if your wear steel looks good for a long period of time, then suddenly appears worn out.

We Understand The Stresses You Are Under:

• You have the tremendous responsibility to improve your processes and increase equipment up time; yet continue to reduce costs.

• You must be overly cautious,...

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You can often under-appreciate the efforts of dedicated craftsmen. JADCO’s talented workforce consistently delivers wear resistant steel components made precisely to fit our customer’s needs.


It is easy to take exceptional work for granted when it is delivered every day, for over 40 years. Our JADCO Mfg. team members make certain when your items arrive, they are ready to install. We frequently hear our components fit better than OEM parts.

Why is it people tend to notice something only when there is an error or malfunction? You can say this about work, home, or life in general.

As America pauses this week to give thanks for all we have, don’t take for granted those who make...

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