A longtime metal recycling customer called saying he was having an issue for the first time welding our QT-Plus ® wear plate. This was a surprise since QT-Plus ® was designed to be easy to weld.

He explained the welding arc was nearly uncontrollable, “It is dancing all over the place.” I said, “It sounds like you have magnetized the steel plate.”


Fabricating their own scrap metal recycling bin, the welder had difficulty welding the stiffener channels onto the wear plate sides.

When I arrived, we looked at the bin he was working on and he showed me how the arc danced all over and wouldn’t allow for a good structural weldment where it was needed.


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Giving you the knowledge on how to get the best results on your own? Or delivering your desired results?

Most people will pay more for the outcome than the recipe.

Most people are looking for “How do I use the Easy Button to get what I want, without going through the 10,000 hours of work required to become an expert?”

It is harder to buckle down into discovering what happened to cause the wear issue. And it is even more difficult to go deep using critical thinking and goal-achievement tactics to figure it out.

But when you do, and you do it so well that you're actually itching for another opportunity in the same situation, to put your new info, refined skills and positive attitude to...

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The news recently has been filled in a near panic about how supply chain disruptions continue to limit necessary materials and drive up prices.


Add to that the blockage to off-load container ships at the US harbors and the problem is compounded.

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There is a lot of pipe used in an iron ore pellet mill, handling hot pellets and hot dust. Both are extremely abrasive materials. This means maintenance has to replace some sections within the plant nearly every week.


The 10” and 12” schedule 80 piping is often replaced after a few weeks to several months depending on the application and location within the plant.

What about using induction hardened piping?

Using ID Hardened piping often helps for reducing abrasive wear in many applications. However, you must be cautious when using this material in a high heat environment.

When you exceed about 500° F the hardened steel pipe will anneal, resulting in it going back to mild steel...

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We worked with a maintenance manager who was recently thrust into a new department. He was nearly overwhelmed because he was out of his element.

Up until now he had been trained as an electrician at a large papermill who worked his way up to Electrical & Instrumentation supervisor.

The company moves people around into different departments every couple of years. We had met in passing on a couple of earlier projects, so we knew each by sight. But now he was in an area with little personal experience.

It is not your fault when the company makes you in charge of mechanical maintenance for a production area with no training. Worse, they had little documentation or background on what failed previous...

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After waiting another year, the world’s largest mine show finally begins Monday, September 13, 2021 in Las Vegas.

JADCO Manufacturing Inc., was created 41 years ago to service the mining industry; and you can bet we will be exhibiting in the Central Hall.


See us in the Central Hall at booth #7809, strategically located by the biggest equipment manufacturers in the mining industry. Most are long time JADCO partner/customers.

When Their Reputation Is On The Line, Who Do They Use?

JADCO is the wear plate standard for the mining industry.

Wear Plate Wednesday is the blog post for those people who take pride in attempting to wear out their equipment on a daily basis. As the name s...

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Waste gas fan blades are among the greatest wear challenges.

For decades fan manufacturers have tested nearly every material, attempting to get longer life in this application. From diamond plate and AR400, to Chrome Carbide Overlay; they have tried the all.


Processing iron ore, standard waste gas fans last 3 to 4 months before the fan blades were worn to the point it lost effectiveness.

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Rather than telling you the before and after results, here is the bottom line:

JADCO’s Haul Truck Liners delivered double the life of a competitor’s high performing wear package in an iron ore mine haul truck.


Using JADCO QT Plus ® and Chromeweld 600 ™ in the same thickness, their haul truck has now been in service for over 23,000 hours and is still going strong.

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This Saturday, twenty years will have passed since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Pentagon and the field in Shanksville, PA on September 11, 2001.

Many people here and around the world remember exactly what they were doing and how they felt upon hearing and seeing the news.

There is no single day in history that changed America more than the attacks on that day. Travel precautions have never gone back to the way they were the day before the attacks.


This Doug Kanter photo of the attacks on the World Trade Center is one of the most iconic images of the attack. The steel beams still stand, reaching up into the smoke, dust and debris that seemed to fall for hours afterward.

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Working with wear resistant steel in heavy industry, oftentimes we are nearly overwhelmed by daily if not hourly issues and challenges.
Early in my career I would ask people what wear problems they had, and 90% of the people responded they didn’t have any wear problems.

This was confusing since a quick glance at their equipment revealed several places where things had worn out, patched or both.

What took some time to realize is people don’t want to admit they have a ‘problem’. It is okay to struggle or have challenges and issues; but we don’t acknowledge to ourselves we have problems.

Have you ever wondered “What should I do first?”

Often a better questi...

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