Vehicles today are so reliable, younger drivers cannot imagine why any car needed a tune up every 2,000 miles like they did in the early ‘60’s.

Previously my daughter had the battery die in her first car. Unable to start the car was the first hiccup in her limited driving experience.

The front door flew open, followed by, “The car will not start! How will I get to work on time? What do I do now? Do I have to get a different car?” There is plenty of concern when your first auto-related breakdown sends you into the uncharted territory of no experience. I discovered it doesn’t help the situation if you start laughing at this point.

Think about your first car. Was it a hand-me-down from your parents or an older sib...

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Tomorrow, August 8, 2019; JADCO Manufacturing Inc. celebrates our 39th birthday.

Here are excerpts from a recent interview with our founder, James A. Davison about how the company has grown since it was started on August 8, 1980.

Jim Davison went to work for Ryerson Steel in Chicago for 12 years after graduating from Westminster College in 1965. After leaving Ryerson he was a manufacturer’s representative for a wear resistant steel company.

At that time, it was known as James Davison Company Inc., where he represented different companies. Over the years, he hired a few sales people and added several other product lines aligned to support the coal mining industry.

He was 37 years old when he started JADCO after his rep agency was replac...

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This CAT 349E Excavator bucket shows extreme wear areas after less than 8 months in service. These waves in the bucket floor are because the steel is not the same hardness all the way through.


The waves appearing in the bottom of this nearly new 5-yard bucket, are from using AR400 that is not the same hardness thru the steel thickness.

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The news this past weekend was all about remembering the 1969 moon landing. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins made history by landing on the moon.

I can recall watching the coverage live while in middle school. No one spoke. We were all transfixed by what was happening right before our eyes. If you were alive on July 20, 1969; you remember where you were when that happened.

It was an astonishing accomplishment back then, and it still is today.

With less technology than any one of our smartphones today, over 10,000 people working together on a common goal were able to land men on the moon and bring them home safely.

It all started with a challenge by President Kennedy in his famous speech in 1962 at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texa...

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Our Wear Plate Wednesday blog post from February 20, 2019 has generated plenty of discussion.

Can we be selling money at a discount?

What if we were to sell you authentic US Treasury $10 bills for only $6.00?

Once you saw it was a legitimate offer for real currency, you wouldn’t need to think about it. You wouldn’t have to think if you need it or not. You would quickly buy all we have.

At JADCO Manufacturing, our wear resistant steel products operate in nearly the same way. Using the February 20, 2019 blog post example, you were paying $15,000 per month, every month for years.

When we can replace the correct wear plate at $5,000 per month; we are indeed selling you money at a discount. You then have more of your budget to invest i...

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One of our aggregate customers purchased a new screen plant so they were ready for the start of this season. They were aggressively planning to ramp up productivity. Just 4 weeks into the new crushing season, the OEM wear plates on the new equipment have already worn through. To say he was upset would be a major understatement. He ordered JADCO QT PLUS ® replacement pieces to last several more seasons.

When looking for a new piece of equipment, you evaluate the benefits of each manufacturer’s offerings and work on getting the best financial terms. And you now discover your new purchase has already forced you to make repairs on your new profit center. While it will not make you feel better, unfortunately you are not alone.


Can You Determine Which Wear Plate They Use?

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Where most people only see obstacles, JADCO representatives see a ton of opportunities that are available to anyone who takes the time to look for the real causes of your issues.

Recently a competitor reviewed a recent paper industry installation in person, where JADCO suggested a unique approach to address the CAUSE of their wear. For decades they had continued to only treat the symptoms. Time after time, year after year, nothing changed. So the customer adopted the mindset that this was simply standard operating procedure, and were forced to live with the consequences.

After seeing the new installation we had fabricated in person, the former vendor’s immediate response was, “We could have done that for you.” The custome...

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Wear plate and steel metallurgy uses its own unique terminology, which leave most people scratching their heads wondering what foreign language they are speaking.

At JADCO, we strive to make wear resistant steel products and applications easy to understand. Today we have added a glossary resource to our website for you to see what these terms mean and why they are important. Click here for the glossary.

We do this because when you learn what goes into wear plate and why it is important, you will make the best informed decisions for your unique wear plate installations.

We know an educated customer makes intelligent decisions. Providing this glossary to assist you, reinforces that the JADCO family of products delivers the longest life at the...

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For your abrasion resistant steel wear plate or impact resistant steel applications; JADCO is in the business of delivering results. This may be measured in more tons per hour, or adding another six years to your equipment life before replacement AR steel is needed.

Ask your current steel vendor, “What would you do if you only got paid, if I get results using your wear plate?”

For most steel salespeople that is a terrifying question. Their eyebrows fly up, mouth drops open and the immediate reaction is, “We can’t do that!”

At JADCO Manufacturing, we see this as a CLARIFYING question. Often our customers initially came to us for help when nearly all hope had been lost for performance improvement. They tried Brand H, Brand T; even Brands X, Y or Z with no improvement.

JADCO’s approach is different. We know how important it is to ...

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Steve Jobs understood one principle better than nearly everyone else. He felt people want products that are simple, intuitive, easy to use and accessible.

Jobs always focused on how a customer wanted to use a product. Unlike the other technology wizards, who designed a product for their own goals.

JADCO is not about selling wear plate. Our focus is all about solving our customer’s problems. This means the typical “One Size Fits All” mentality simply does not fit.

Turning Technical Data into Usable Information

Rather than using 50 cent words to attempt to show you how smart we are like others do; JADCO salespeople are driven to explain things in simple, everyday terms so everyone can absorb the information to solve the wear challenges in your business.

Albert Einstein famously said, “If you cannot explain something simply, you do not understand it well enough.”

This is why most w...

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